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7 Royal baby traditions you didn’t know existed.


In case you missed the news, Meghan Markle is pregnant and another royal baby is officially due any minute now.  

But when your dad’s Prince Harry, you don’t become a part of just any family. A lot of history came before Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Here are the royal traditions, rules, and new customs this regal couple will have to follow.

  • The gender is never announced ahead of time.

Even after the development of sonograms in the 50’s, the royals have never announced the baby’s sex before birth. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge even decided to keep it a surprise for themselves for their three kids.

In Queen Elizabeth’s case, the announcements didn’t even address her pregnancy directly. It simply stated that she wouldn’t take any engagements for the next few months.

  • The babies get wrapped in special blankets.

G.H.Hurt & Son has produced the luxury knitted-lace shawls in Nottingham, England, for more than 100 years. Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis made their debuts swaddled in the fine wool. And the company even presented a shawl to Prince William back when he was a baby.

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  • The monarch must be notified first.

Her Majesty, being the senior most member and the head of the family, got to know about all the first details on George, Charlotte Louis’ birth before any news went out the public.

  • Buckingham Palace posts a notice of the birth.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate obviously now release news on social media. But, they still stick to the time-honoured tradition of revealing details of the birth outside Buckingham Palace. The official announcement reveals the gender of the baby and the time of delivery.

  • The parents chose at least 3 names.

Prince William and Prince Charles both have four names. But they’ve pared it down for the latest generation. It goes like: George Alexander Louis, Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, and Louis Arthur Charles. Every name the royals choose has a history to it as well. This means bookies can put odds on a handful of likely picks.

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  • The Tower of London sets off a 62-gun salute.

This very specific number is chosen because a basic salute includes 21 rounds. But since the Tower is considered a royal palace, and it’s located within London, any additional 41 shots get added to the total. The whole shebang takes around 10 minutes.

  • Landmarks light up in honour of the birth.

Other spots in the city have recently joined in on the fun. Places like Tower Bridge, the London Eye, and Trafalgar Square are illuminated either blue, if the baby is a boy, or pink, if the baby is a girl.