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7 reasons Queen Elizabeth will never give up the British throne.


Elizabeth became the Queen of England in 1952. And if anyone’s taking bets on if and when she might abdicate the throne, we’re all in with: No, and never.

 Yes, she won’t abdicate her throne. Here’s why.

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Abdicating? Nope.

According to some reports, the British history makes clear that appointing a regent is not equal to abdicating. Further, Her Majesty isn’t even legally empowered to appoint a regent.

It happens only under very specific circumstances as outlined in the Regency Act of 1937. 

Abdicating due to age won;t take place at all.

While some royal families have a tradition of monarchs stepping down after he or she reaches a certain age, there’s no such tradition in the United Kingdom.

In fact, abdication has been said to go against informal rules of the monarchy’s set-up. Indeed, it was considered a constitutional crisis when Prince Edward VIII abdicated in 1936 to marry Wallis Simpson.

Queen Elizabeth II promised she’d reign for life.

On her 21st birthday, the Queen promised England she’d be their Queen for life. She said: “I declare before you all that my whole life whether it be long or short shall be devoted to your service and the service of our great imperial family to which we all belong”.

She feels it’s her duty to reign.

Experts on the monarch such as Sarah Bradford, confirm the Queen feels that reigning is her life’s mission and duty. She said: “Queen Elizabeth’s never even contemplated abdication”.

The people don’t want her to abdicate.

A long time ago, the people might have supported the Queen’s abdicating. That was back before Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage imploded for all to see.

It wasn’t until the end of the 1990’s that the Prince’s reputation began to pull out of its nosedive. However, public support of Her Majesty’s turning the throne over to the Prince of Wales has not risen significantly.

Anti-monarchy sentiment.

The public’s love for Queen Elizabeth does not equal the public’s love for the monarchy. So, while the public would like to see Queen Elizabeth remain Queen for her lifetime, they may not necessarily wish to replace her with another monarch. 

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The whole Prince Charles thing.

Even if the public were in favour of putting a new monarch on the throne, Prince Charles is next in line, and that’s considered problematic. In addition, people have their doubts about the ability of Prince Charles to maintain the requisite royal neutrality on certain political issues.

While the Queen could abdicate in favour of William, there is no historical precedent for passing over the current Prince of Wales in favour of his child.