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7 of the most unexpected funny things Queen Elizabeth has ever said.


Queen Elizabeth has been the head of the British royal family for over six decades. Till now, she has made quite a few bad-ass moves. 

She has ordered divorces and critiqued episodes of Downtown Abbey for historical accuracy.

Just because of her serious and a commanding presence, we actually think that Her Majesty is not funny at all. But, actually, she is funny, indeed. One recent example? During an interview, Elizabeth manhandled the Imperial State Crown, and said: “It is very solid, isn’t it?”. 

But, there are even more quotes from Queen Elizabeth that show off her biting sense of humour and her funny side. We’ve highlighted some of the funniest quotes for you.

  • During a highly diplomatic reception at Buckingham Palace, then-Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher felt faint and was asked to sit down in a row. Seeing this, Queen Elizabeth said to a nearby guest: “Oh, look! She’s keeled over again”.

  • One time, Princess Margaret was talking to her cousin’s husband, Denys, a thriller writer. She asked him how his latest book was actually coming along. Her Majesty entered the room as he responded: “I desperately need a title”. Listening to this, she immediately quipped: “I cannot think of a reason for giving you one”.

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  • Queen Elizabeth attended a performance of the Everly Brothers, Cathy’s Clown in the 60’s. Hearing it, she turned to her lady-in-waiting and said: “They really sound like two cats being strangled”.

  • Her Majesty met the guitar legend, Eric Clapton at a reception held at the Buckingham Palace in the year 2005 and asked him: “Have you been playing a long time”?

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  • Her Majesty was invited for the opening of an exhibition of artist, Lucian Freud’s nude paintings. The Queen seeing all that told her aide: “I have been very careful to make sure that I am not photographed between a pair of those great thighs”.
  • During that same exhibition, a curator asked Her Majesty if she had ever been painted by Lucian Freud, to which she smiled and replied: “Yes, but not like that”.

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  • At an investiture ceremony held at the Buckingham Palace, a staff member of the royal household dropped the cushion holding all the medals. Seeing this Queen Elizabeth said: “Just put them back any way you can, I’ll give them anything and you can sort it out afterwards”.

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