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5 surprising things you might not know about Kate Middleton’s wedding dress.

Kate Middleton

William and Kate Middleton’s wedding included many sweet moments. People still talk about their wedding. But, no gossip has stood against her iconic wedding dress.

The dress was created by Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen. 

Here, let’s take a look on all those details of Kate’s dress which you all might not know.

The wedding dress was Victorian Inspired.

Specifically, the bodice was inspired by the Victorian tradition of corset. It means, that it narrowed at the waist and was padded slightly below the midsection. This particular style is the Victorian inspired style as well as an Alexander McQueen hallmark.

Kate’s train was about nine-feet long.

Well, the train made for a dramatic entrance into Westminster Abbey. Though, nine-feet long train is not short, but it was actually short compared to Princess Diana’s train. Diana’s train was measured a whopping 25 feet in length.

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The lace work was purely handmade. 

The lace on the skirt and bodice of the dress was handmade. It was made by the Royal School of Needlework. The dressmakers used the Carrick across lace-making technique. This technique was originated in Ireland in the 1820’s.

If we see the lace quite closely, we can see the hand-cut lace flowers, including roses, thistle, daffodils, and shamrocks. They were all created individually and added onto ivory silk tulle.

Kate Middleton’s bouquet honoured royal tradition and her groom. 

The Duchess of Cambridge’s bouquet featured myrtle, lily of the valley, hyacinth, and sweet William, which was a nod to the groom. The sprig of myrtle came from the same plant used in Queen Elizabeth’s wedding bouquet back in 1947.

This tradition of a royal bride carrying myrtle in her wedding bouquet started in Queen Victoria’s era. Queen Victoria’s eldest daughter, Princess Victoria carried myrtle in her bouquet when she married in 1858. And, the royal brides have embraced the royal tradition since.

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Kate Middleton wore a second wedding dress to the evening reception. 

The Duchess of Cambridge’s second wedding dress was another gorgeous design by Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen. She chose a white strap-less satin gown with detailing around the waist for the evening wedding reception. 

Then, she topped her second bridal look off with a white shrug. Prince William also changed for the night-time celebration. He swapped his military uniform for a tuxedo.