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5 things we never knew about the Duke of Edinburgh, Philip.


As stated earlier, Prince Philip was admitted to hospital for a surgery. World was praying for him to be okay. Well, the prayers got heard.

He is now at a London hospital under recovery.

Meanwhile, we took an initiative to know more about Prince Philip. Well, we have to say, we found out some things that most of you didn’t know. Here are some things for you to read.

He’s not from England.

Despite his being important in the British Royal family, Prince Philip isn’t originally from the region. He was actually born in Greece, into the Greek and Danish royal families.

But he was forced to exile along his family when he was just an infant. Ahead of his marriage to Queen Elizabeth, he gave up all his titles and adopted his mother’s maiden name, Mountbatten.

Queen Elizabeth is Prince Philip’s cousin.

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Both, the Queen and her husband, Philip are descendants of Queen Victoria. Elizabeth is her great-great granddaughter on her father’s side. While Philip is her great-great grandson on his mother’s side. When all this is said and done, Philip and Elizabeth are third cousins.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s sisters were not invited to his wedding. 

When Philip went away to boarding school in England at the age of 9, a lot changed in the length of his absence. His mother, Princess Alice, was diagnosed with schizophrenia and institutionalised at a private facility in Switzerland.

His father took up with another woman and moved to the South of France. And, all four of his sisters married German prince. Three of whom were thought to share pro-Nazi sentiment and affiliation. Seeing his sisters’ possible relation to the Third Reich got them scratched off the wedding guest list.

He changed the royal surname.

According to royal protocol, the house name, ‘House of Windsor’ was to substitute as a last name for descendants without official royal titles. However, the 96 year-old fiercely objected to the idea of his descendants not adopting his last name, Mountbatten.

In 1960, a compromise was reached. The house would stay House of Windsor, but male-line descendants without royal titles would take on the surname ‘Mountbatten-Windsor’.

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He has an unconventional sense of humour.

Philip is known to speak his mind. Which also enables him making risky and politically incorrect jokes during royal engagements. Like foe example: Once he met Malala Yousafzai, an education-based activist.

On meeting her, he told her: “Children go to school because their parents don’t want them in the house”. Luckily, Malala found his joke funny and giggled in return.