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4 fascinating facts about Princess Charlotte as she turns 4

Princess Charlotte

The young royal loves olives for one, what else is she into? Here, The Royal UK charts all the fascinating facts about the fourth-in-line to the throne. 

Being a member of the British royal family translates to a life that is spent in public service and the public eye. But, it has its own perks as well.

So much of the royal family’s lives are witnessed and dissected by adoring fans and the world at large. Honestly, the life of a real-life princess, prince, queen or king is endlessly fascinating. We want to know everything about the British royal members, from what they eat to what they do in their free time.

The young British royals are even more enthralling.

Young royals include Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. They are more enthralling, especially when we know them. Thanks to all their public appearances with their parents, Prince William and Kate Middleton. But how well do we really know these tiny heirs to the British throne?

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For instance, just this week Kate revealed that Princess Charlotte loves olives. This shows a very advanced palate for a preschooler. What other interesting facts are there to know about the little princess? Read on as we chart all the fascinating things to know about Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Cambridge.

  • Princess Charlotte likes to cook.

When we picture a member of the royal family in their house of an evening, standing over a hot stove is not where we imagine them to be.

However, during a visit to the London school, The Daily Mail reports that Kate Middleton said she “frequently gets her two eldest children George and Charlotte to cook with her. And they often make their ‘favourite cheesy pasta'”.

  • Princess Charlotte is the boss at home.

As the second child in the Cambridge family, it would make sense for Charlotte to defer to her older brother George, not so according to her mum. Speaking to a fellow mother at an event, Kate reportedly told the mum:-

“Charlotte is growing up really fast. She is the one in charge”. Princess Charlotte’s grandma, the Queen, reportedly confirmed the princess is boss status while presenting a book to 10-year-old school student, Emily Clay.

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  • Princess Charlotte loves to dance.

This is perhaps not as surprising as the olives or the cooking. Most little kids love to dance. Hello! reports the Duke of Cambridge, William shared this dancing fact last year. Telling Malta’s Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, he said: “My daughter Charlotte loves dancing”.

  • Princess Charlotte has a cute nickname.

Like many members of the royal family, Charlotte has an adorable family nickname. Her mother, Kate Middleton, revealed the tot’s nickname, ‘Lottie’. It was when she was speaking to another parent during an official visit to Windsor Park stadium in Northern Ireland in March 2019.