Queen Elizabeth

4 ways Queen Elizabeth has modernised the royal family after acquiring the throne.


You may or may not be a fan of Queen Elizabeth. But, we have the 5 most memorable ways by which she has modernised the British monarchy.

Queen Elizabeth has always been the base that made the British Monarchy strong and together. 

She has taken a modern approach to love and marriage.

Young Princess Elizabeth had fallen in love with Prince Philip the first time they met. It was when she was just 13 and he was 18. While the Queen’s mother initially referred to Philip as ‘the hun’, her father granted the couple his permission. Since successfully jumping that first hurdle, Her Majesty has successfully balanced herself atop.

Not only did the Queen order Prince Charles and Princess Diana to divorce, but also allowed her other children, Princess Anne and Prince Andrew to divorce. Moving on towards the grandchildren? Prince William was allowed to marry a British commoner, Kate Middleton and Prince Harry to marry Meghan Markle.

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Queen Elizabeth insisted her children receive a proper education outside of the palace.

Due to the royal tradition, Queen Elizabeth was made educated at home by private tutors. While she has been roundly insulted over the years for her lack of formal schooling, she had no say or defence whatsoever on her when her own childhood education came up. Seeing her as a mother wanting to educate her children, Her Majesty made quite different choices. Going against the wishes of her own mother, Queen and Prince Philip decided to send their children outside of the palace for their education.

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She has been one of those monarchs who were early adopters of the Internet.

It clearly stands that Queen Elizabeth was the first-ever British Monarch to send an email. But, not only was she the first one, she did so from an army base in the year 1976.

Buckingham Palace launched its first official website in 1997, right on time, when the world-wide-web was beginning to meet commercialisation. Queen Elizabeth was the first royal to have her own website.

She is the Queen who is a card-carrying feminist.

Her majesty’s great-great-grandmother, Queen Victoria, has famously loathed the suffragette, expressed her sadness and un-cooperativeness of women’s rights has stated that feminists ought to get a good whipping.

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But, Queen Elizabeth’s actions and work has spoken volumes about it in an indeed positive way. She has said pretty much one can say about feminism without ever using the real word or the label.

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