The Royal Family


The Queen was publicly ‘EMBARRASSED’ by Prince Charles on this occasion.

Prince Charles publicly embarrassed Her Majesty and was branded a petulant and selfish prince after snubbing a state dinner in an unprecedented act of rebellion.  The


Samantha Markle sent Prince Harry an ugly message on his birthday.

Well, this isn't something new that has been happening for the royal family now. Meghan Markle's half-sister has sent a furious message to Harry on

The Commonwealth

What it’s actually like behind the scenes at Buckingham Palace?

Most of us, haven't really seen the Buckingham Palace from the inside. But now, we have a chance to see what it really like? A

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth paid tribute to her father in a speech to mark this special occasion.

It was the celebration for completing a century of the Royal Air Force yesterday. And so, Queen Elizabeth remembered her father, and paid a small