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Prince Charles

Prince Charles to get full custody of Harry’s son Archie when he becomes the king?

Prince Charles said Harry and Meghan's shock announcement has resulted in many questions regarding the future of their son. A 300-year-old royal prerogative means that the


How Duchess Camilla reacted when asked if she would miss Harry & Meghan?

The Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla Parker, reacted in a very strange way when asked about Harry and Meghan. As you probably know at this point, Meghan

The Commonwealth

LGBT Community.

Queen Elizabeth Pledges to Protect the LGBT Community.

During her speech at the State Opening of Parliament, Queen Elizabeth vowed to “tackle” discrimination, especially against the LGBT community.  The Queen’s speech at yesterday’s State

Queen Elizabeth

Here’s how you can wish Queen Elizabeth on her birthday?

It's Queen Elizabeth's 93rd birthday today. The world wants to wish her as much as they can. The Queen has been the most powerful monarch