The Royal Family


Queen and Philip: Our son, Charles has embarrassed us. But how?

Charles enraged Prince Philip and repeatedly frustrated Buckingham Palace with his 'Prince-for-sale' approach towards friendship and finances. He infuriated Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip as he


Queen Elizabeth thinks Camilla is a wicked woman. But why?

How is Queen Elizabeth's relationship with his son, Charles' wife? Is it sweet or sour? What did Her Majesty actually think about Camilla?  Queen Elizabeth was

The Commonwealth


Queen Elizabeth wants to keep her secret hidden?

Queen Elizabeth has the top most ranking. This means, she has every right on seeing, checking and knowing about every information going on during her


The Commonwealth: Why there is a question about who should succeed the Queen?

The talks are that there are chances the role as the head of the Commonwealth might not pass to Charles. Though, the Queen wants her